Valentine’s Day

We will be OPEN for lunch and dinner on Valentine’s Day
Monday, February 14th from 11am-9pm

Beginning at 4pm we will be serving a special Valentine’s Day menu ONLY for the rest of the evening. Preview the menu here (subject to change).

Reservations are highly recommended…please call 218-525-6274 during business hours, and press 0 to reach our staff to assist you!

Please note...Valentine’s Day (2/14) is a special event, and we will not be accepting standard coupons or discounts. Gift cards are accepted.

FIKA cookie gift box

Online ordering update

In April 2020, with New Scenic Café shut down due to the Covid pandemic, ‘Mise en Place Marketplace’ launched to offer online ordering of quality meal kits and other foods for our customers to enjoy at home. Over 2 years later, New Scenic Café is once again open for full service dining, and we are grateful for the space to feel “alive” with guests coming and going.

With a busy summer in front of us, ‘Mise en Place Marketplace’ is faced with a difficult reality. We simply do not have the staff we need to continue to offer our online sales.

So for now, we are ceasing all of our online ordering. Our last day for order pickups will be June 5, 2022 (orders can be placed through end-of-day on June 3). Many of the bakery, deli, and pantry goods we have offered will remain available to purchase in person at New Scenic Café.

At times, we may have online offerings for holidays and special occasions, and we may reopen more fully somewhere down the road. In the meantime, we’re focusing our efforts on making sure we’re providing the best service and food we can at New Scenic Café. Please join us!


Whether taking your order, cooking your food, serving your beverage, or washing dishes, everyone on our team works hard to ensure you have a great experience. We add a 20% 'Fair Wage Share' service charge to all orders to support our entire team, allowing us to ensure all staff are adequately valued and more equitably paid. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 177.23 subdivision 9, the service charge is not a gratuity for employee service and is the property of the business to distribute. Voluntary tipping will always be appreciated, but is not expected.

Mise en Place Marketplace logo

'Mise en Place' ordering has been paused while we focused our efforts on reopening the New Scenic Café for full-service dining, and making sure we can provide a great experience to our diners.

We are once again offering 'Mise en Place' pickup orders beginning on the days leading up to Thanksgiving! Order now for pickup on Monday 11/22, Tuesday 11/23, or Wednesday 11/24!

After the week of Thanksgiving, beginning on Wednesday, December 1st, 'Mise en Place' orders will be regularly available for pickup every Wednesday through Sunday, from 12-8pm.


New Scenic Café - The Second Cookbook

Our new cookbook is available now…the food that we love, the food that helped raise us, gathered and bound in a book for your home table.

You can purchase books directly from the Café, or order online to have them shipped to yourself, your friends, and your family!

Preview & order here!

for indoor dining from 12-9pm,
Wednesday through Sunday

DULUTH Minnesota