Mother's Day - Family Dinner

JOIN US for Mother's Day, as we open our doors to offer a family-style dining experience.


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"When will you be open?"

"When will you be open?" is a question that we hear almost daily.
"When will we be open?" is a question that we ask ourselves even more often.

Along with all the usual awakenings and returns of Spring, this season the whole world seems caught up in a frenzy of reopening. We are thrilled to see our community come back to life as restrictions are lifted and vaccinations are being made available, and we’re eager to take part.

Creating an unparalleled experience for our community here on the North Shore, with good food and great people, has always been central to our mission. It is important to us to continue this approach; but doing so requires care.

The kinds of ingredients we make use of (and the types of people we rely on) seem to be in meager supply. We have a strong, core group of dedicated people who have stuck with us through this past year, and we're beginning to steadily build on that foundation; but it will take time and diligence. As much as we don't like keeping our doors closed, we know that we would regret rushing in and offering food or service that is anything less than what our guests deserve.

When will we be open? It depends. We may not have a definitive timeline, but we are doing the work to ensure that, when we do open, it'll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, we're still here, sharing great food in all the ways that we know how, through 'Mise en Place Marketplace' and our 'Scenic 61' mobile kitchens. And we’ll continue to refine and expand these enterprises: look for 'Scenic 61' at the MN State Fair! We're also wrapping up the content on our second cookbook...more news on that coming soon.

Much love to you all!
The New Scenic Café Team

Mise en Place Marketplace
Scenic 61